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There are many places to explore in Turunç and its surroundings, such as natural beauties, ancient ruins, wonderful bays and charming villages. Kumlubük Bay, just 10 minutes away from Turunç, is one of the frequent destinations of visitors.

If you join daily tours in Hisarönü Gulf, your first stop will be "Camellia Island". Starting from Selimiye, you can reach Camellia Island with a 45-minute sea journey, leaving behind the hills with an interesting rock structure. The coast of Camellia Island has a clean and clear sea preferred by yachts. There is a monastery on the beach where you can clearly see the sea bottom for 30 meters and people of all age groups can climb it. The giant mosaic on the monastery floor, paved with black, white and gray sea stones, is full of tourists who want to be in touch with history. Offering different beauties from every angle, the island has features that photography enthusiasts cannot give up.

There are many places to explore on the Datça Peninsula, as well as dazzling bays and natural beauties. Some of those; Bencik Bay, Delikyol Bay, Kızkumu Beach, Turgut Waterfall, Gebe Church (accessible by boat), Churchli Island, Kamelya Bay, Bayır Village, Cennet Bay, Perili Köşk, Serçe Harbor, Çiftlik Bay, Monastery, Sığ Liman (in Selimiye) , Emel Sayın Koyu. It is also possible to visit Söğüt and Bozburun Villages after Selimiye.

One of the important attractions close to Turunç is the Ancient City of Amos. In 1948, Prof. Dr. Amos, which was discovered as a result of excavations carried out by George Ewart Bean, has important documents proving a 2,200-year history with lease agreements dating back to the 2nd century BC. Amos Bay, located in Kumlubük town, attracts attention not only with the beauty of the sea but also with its ancient city built on the steep cliffs of the coast. It is quite easy to climb the hill to explore the ancient city. You can make a small discovery in the dusty pages of history by wandering around the ruins, where Amos's excavations were stopped years ago and nothing has changed since then. As you watch the sunrise and sunset from different angles, you will be fascinated by the rich history of the land you step on.
You can find the distances from Turunç to the surrounding tourist attractions and villages below:

Turgut Waterfall : 19.7 km
Selimiye : 20.7 km
Bayır Village : 18.0 km
Taşlıca Village : 30.3 km
Amos Ancient City: 3 km
Turgut Waterfall : 18.9 km
Kızkumu : 32 km
Kumlubük Bay : 8.9 km

You can also visit for detailed information about the Carian Way hiking trails.


If you want to reach Turunç by bus, you must first come to Marmaris. You can find regular bus services to Marmaris at any time of the day, especially in the summer months. From here, you can easily reach the town of Turunç by taxi or by minibuses and minibuses, which are local transportation means.

You can have a different travel experience by sailing to Turunç via İçmeler with minibuses departing from the Marmaris pier stop throughout the day. You can also rent a 4x4 vehicle to reach Turunç, enjoying the excitement of safari.

If you prefer by air, the closest airport to the region is Dalaman Airport and is approximately 120 kilometers away. After reaching the airport, you can easily reach Turunç by shuttles or local transportation options.

If you send us your flight information and make a request, we can meet you with our VIP vehicles and provide you with a comfortable transfer to Turunç.

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