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Our hotel recognizes its responsibility towards waste management and environmental sustainability. Therefore, we have committed to the zero-waste program to minimize our waste and promote recycling. Within this framework, we have implemented various measures.


Waste Reduction

  • The use of single-use items has been limited.

  • Our hotel prioritizes reusable or recyclable products whenever possible.

  • Portion control is implemented to reduce food waste.

  • Guests can choose portion sizes to take only as much food as they need.

  • Organic waste is given to our animal friends.

  • Organic waste (kitchen and garden waste) is provided to farm owners to be repurposed.

  • Paper usage has been reduced.

  • Digital record-keeping and invoicing systems are preferred.

  • Energy and water savings are encouraged.

  • Our hotel uses energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. Guests are encouraged to turn off lights and electronic devices when leaving their rooms.

Waste Separation and Recycling

  • Our hotel provides separate trash bins for different types of waste. Two bins are placed, blue and gray, to separate waste. Blue is for paper and cardboard, and gray is for glass and plastic waste. Our staff are trained in waste separation and recycling procedures to ensure proper waste sorting.

  • Collected waste is regularly delivered to recycling facilities, where it is transformed into reusable products.

Awareness and Education

  • Our guests are informed about the zero-waste program.

  • Informational brochures on zero-waste are available in rooms and at the reception. Guests can also learn about our efforts from our staff at the reception.

  • Staff are educated about the importance of the zero-waste program.

  • Training sessions are held for staff to inform them about zero-waste procedures and waste separation techniques.

  • Collaborate with local communities.

  • Our hotel collaborates with local communities to promote the zero-waste program.


Our hotel remains committed to the zero-waste program and continues to improve waste management practices. Our goal is to minimize waste, encourage recycling, and reduce our environmental carbon footprint. We encourage our guests and staff to be informed about the zero-waste program and help us reach our goals.

For more information about the zero-waste program, visit

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